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~Angel~   a story, a book, a belief

~Angel~ is a MetaFictional novel about believing – Believing in something more, having faith in the unseen, and believing God has never left us alone. We only need to call upon his Angels, open our hearts, and follow their signs, and we will open the door to a world of miracles.

The story ~Angel~ centers around a family, Peter and Wendi and their two young children, and the misfortunes and miracles that changed their lives forever. What was once a happy family has been slowly deteriorating after a tragic event, and they have been losing hope and faith since. Wendi prays for a way out of the despair they have found themselves in, and with the mentoring of a new spiritual friend at work, she learns to believe in, and call upon, her own Guardian Angel to help show her the way. As she opens her heart and her mind, she begins seeing the signs and witnessing the many miracles brought on by the grace of their glorious Guardian, their heavenly Angel of light. As the miracles unfold and the proof of their Angel is revealed, Wendi regains hope in herself and her family, while Peter loses faith in his wife's sanity, culminating in the biggest miracle of all.
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What is MetaFiction?
MetaFiction is a blending of Metaphysical beliefs and knowledge told as a fictional story. It's purpose goes beyond entertainment to also serve as a guide into the realm of metaphysics, helping souls on earth to awaken to a greater understanding of our purpose here on earth as human beings. ~Angel~ is a book that teaches us how to commune and connect with Angels, as the celestial beings of love and light they are. ~Angel~ also teaches us about life through one family's hardships and relationships, their faith and their love, their strength and their weakness.

The book teaches us about Angels as the magnificent beings of light that love us and guide us every day of our lives. We all have Angels watching over us, waiting to give us love and guidance. All we have to do is ask. Love them and honor them as much as they love and honor you, and the miracles will unfold.

Stories about Angels and Guardian Angels have been around since the dawn of time. Most of those stories, however, are about legends and religion. Most Angels are portrayed as beings we only meet after dying and reaching heaven, or they center on an Angel in human form, walking among us. ~ Angel ~ is a book written to remind us that Angels are always with us, guiding us, protecting us, and helping us through every moment of life. From the smallest of conundrums to the darkest of moments of adversity, all we have to do is call upon our Guardian Angels, ask for help, and it is given.

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